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Steganography online
-- !!! Only to use for test and evaluation purposes !!! --

What is steganography ?

Steganography is the hiding of information in innocent looking objects and is a part of cryptography. Steganos means hidden and graffein write. Since the arrival of digital files for image and sound, steganography has known an enormous revival.

History of steganography.

Hiding messages is something that already occurs since ancient times, e.g. Herodotus tells how in the Fifth Century before Christ a sovereign shaves the head of a slave and then had it tattooed. The message contained a warning for Greece about the planned invasion by Persia. When the hair grew back the information was hidden for the outside world and could become visible again by shaving the hair.

An other technique in the old Greece, also described by Herodotus, was writing messages on wood, and then cover them with a coating of wax, so that it looked like an unused bar.

From times immemorial people know ways to write messages on paper with invisible ink.

During the Second World War the Germans and other spies used microdots to send information. These microdots were about as big as the dot written with a typewriter, and they contained nformation made smaller in a photographical way.

Current applications.
Today several people use the technique to protect their property or to send secret information via the internet. E.g. by applying a watermark the author can put his unique stamp or mark on an image or sound file. It is also possible to send information openly via images on web pages, and only insiders can retrieve the information.

Source & more about this subject; wikipedia.org/Steganografie      

steganography secret information Steganos watermark

Steganogravate online !

(jpg when encoding, png when decoding)
File to be hidden (Do not use when decoding)


Test encoding ?

Test decoding ?

  • Open your text editor and create a file.
  • Save this file.

  • Click above at "picture" on "browse"
  • Take a picture at random on your hard disk and select it

  • Click above at "file to be hidden" at "browse"
  • Select your text file on your hard disk

  • Click on "Start"

  • You now get your picture back in .png format with your text file hidden in it.

Herein is a txt file

  • Click on this picture with your right mice key
  • Select "save image as"
  • Save the picture on your hard disk
  • Click above at "picture" on "browse"
  • Select the picture (vis.png) on your hard disk
  • Click on "Start"
  • You can try it also with the background of this site.

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